Voluntary Vessel Speed Reduction Zone In Effect NOAA recommends that vessels > 300 gross registered tons transiting the zone do so at speeds of 10 knots or less

December 2022

San Francisco Industry Report: December 2022

During December 2022 (1st – 15th), we saw 98 large vessels transit 6,022 nautical miles in the voluntary vessel speed reduction zone in the San Francisco Bay which was active December 1st – December 15th. The Whale Presence Indicator was “High” or “Very High” for 15┬ádays during that time.


Top 10 Operators

The 10 operators with the most nautical miles transited during December 2022. Grade indicates the percentage of total transit distance that was at or below the 10 knot voluntary speed recommendation put in place to protect endangered whales.

Operator Distance (nm) Dec 1- 15 Grade (VSR Season 2022)
Matson Navigation Co Inc 477 nm F (19.7%)
Ocean Network Express Pte Ltd 448 nm B (77.5%)
MSC Mediterranean Shipping Co 335 nm A (86.2%)
CMA CGM SA The French Line 319 nm A (83.5%)
Chevron Shipping Co LLC 277 nm B (64.1%)
Evergreen Marine Corp 275 nm B (77.5%)
CSL Americas 258 nm B (75.9%)
Crowley Petroleum Services Inc 234 nm A (81.0%)
Mitsui OSK Lines Ltd 196 nm B (68.3%)
APL LLC 195 nm C (48.7%)

Voluntary Vessel Speed Reduction Zone

The Voluntary Speed Restriction is currently:

Inactive – January 2023

For more information, see NOAA’s Vessel Speed Reduction Guidelines.

What is Whale Safe?

For more information, visit the Whale Safe website.